Test subjects wanted for emerging system

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Test subjects wanted for emerging system


Post by MarkKO » Fri Jan 22, 2021 3:59 pm

I'm looking for anyone interested in running the system I am currently developing. This would be absolutely free, I want data to help develop the system because just using it on myself isn't going to tell me as much as using it on other people. I am confident it will work very well for just about anyone.

The system: a long term, sustainable approach to powerlifting training that will work for just about anyone of any skill level. The core principles are developing correct technique and using practice to make technical execution automatic; building the body to withstand the stress of competition and training; managing fatigue and recovery to drive progress; and implementing strategies to perform in meet.

My background: I have been training since 2010 and competing in powerlifting since 2015. I spent a couple of years coached by Greg Panora, but outside that have been mostly self coached using a combination of my own approaches and 5/3/1. My best total is far from staggering at 1582 lbs set in 2020, but is a pretty good improvement on my first total of 1157 lbs in 2015. I have no formal qualifications relating to training or coaching.

Who I am looking for: anyone who is interested. There are no minimum requirements and you don't even have to want to compete although I would highly encourage it.

What you will get: every week I will provide the upcoming week's training. Apart from the actual weight on the bar everyone will do exactly the same thing except for whoever is within 10 weeks either side of a meet. Everyone will post videos of their lifts so I can help improve technique where necessary. I would create a private Facebook group for everyone participating and that would be our communication hub.

How to get involved: private message me on here, DM me on Instagram or email me on mark(dot)k(dash)o(at)live(dot)com

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